C64 disk labels

Download your own C64 disk labels. This collection will be update as frequent as possible. If you have more labels to add, please feel free to contact me. Unfortunately you might have to Photoshop the labels a little to fit nicely on your disk. But that’s part of this great hobby, right?

Check out below the various Commodore 64 labels for you to enjoy! 🙂

credits go to:

  • bohoki (user from lemon64)
  • indiehouse (user from lemon64)

For making the scans of the c64 labels.

A great source for Arcade Artwork can be found on site website: Arcade artwork / Commodore 64

You could also check out mikesenese.com for more c64 disk labels from his Commodore 64 gaming days. And don’t forget to have a look at C64 boxed sets website for complete scans of Commodore 64 (big) boxes, manuals and disks.